About JRL

Team Driven

Team Driven is the FIRST Robotics team at Lee's Summit High School in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Following a very successful inagural year, the team began a summer camp outreach program which quickly expanded to include a six week league - the Junior Robotics League. For more information about Team Driven, visit http://www.teamdriven.us.

The League

The Junior Robotics League (JRL) has been a smashing success since it was founded by Team Driven in 2008. Each year the Game Design Committee (GDC) designs a new challenge for Kindergarten through 8th grader students. Participants form teams or 2 to 6 members and have six weeks to design and build a shoe box sized robot to complete the challenge.


First and foremost, the purpose of the Junior Robotics League is to inspire young minds to consider and explore the fields of engineering, science, and technology by fostering curiosity and problem solving in a safe, fun, and exciting environment.

The Competition

In preparation for the season, there is an informational parent meeting towards the end of September, and the kick-off follows in mid-October. At the kick-off, the new challenge will be announced and participants will see the playing field, watch a short video introducing the game, and receive a rules manual. Teams will then have six weeks to design, build, and test their robots. During this time they will also create a team identity and prepare to compete for a number of other awards.

The competition will take place in mid to late November. Teams will have their robots inspected prior to their practice, qualification, and elimination matches. Participants will also have the opportunity to compete for a number of other awards throughout the weekend. Parents and friends are all invited to come and watch the competition! For more information about specific dates for this year, check out the calendar.


Team Driven partners with a number of local businesses to provide a top-notch program. These businesses help keep the cost of JRL as low as possible by donating supplies or offering discounted merchandise. Check out the list of JRL sponsors.